Getting no 1 ranking for wp turbo on google search

It was worth a shot !! in fact i wasn't even trying to get to no1 on google search for the term “wp turbo” or “wordpress turbo” or just wordpress plugin, But yes google  has no rankled my blog No 1 for this search term.


It took me only a week  to get to no 1 for this term Wp turbo. I did a search a week ago  and saw all these websites and blogs listed for wp turbo  and then just did my post and waited to see how it goes.

Google no 1 rankings for Wp turbo affiliate rankins Download

Off course in the meanwhile also did a bit of promo for it on other websites, turns out i checked today ( a week later and i am No 1 on Google).  As you can see in the pic above  as of today i am no1 for this search followed by and wpturbo at no 2 and no 3. Incidentally i am also ranked no 1 for “wp turbo affiliate” which was not my intention.

Try the link below

By the way Wp turbo is a amazing plugin for wordpress it gets in more features than similar pluggins like “wp robot” and “auto blogged” and is a notch better and easier to use than them.

Go check out my No1 ranking google review here –> “Wordpress Turbo Plugin” 

which is also my blog “makingmoney online” blog for sheldon singh 

wp turbo admin panel settings

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