How to increase traffic to blogs - Basics

Getting massive traffic to your blogs
Getting traffic to your blogs is not a easy task.. but sometimes most b loggers miss the most basic tasks needed to increase your traffic. There are 3 main areas  t getting more traffic Submission, Optimization (SEO) and Traffic.

What can you achieve from submission? 
Considered the first step in SEM, submission is the process of submitting your site to all the major search engines. 

Your website is submitted to search engines on a regular basis for inclusion in their index. Once included in their index, searchers can find your website when conducting a search at the particular search engine.

What can you achieve from optimization?

An ongoing process to help increase your search engine rankings over time. Optimization involves researching relevant keywords to target, changes to your website’s back end code, plus continually building external links to your website which tells search engines how important your website is compared to your competitors.

  • Determine what keywords your customers are searching for, and thus which ones to target
  • Increase your website’s position in search engine results for relevant keywords
  • A long investment in your business as all traffic is free from SEO even thought the process takes time to generate results
  • All optimization work completed by ineedhits follows Google’s quality guidelines
The Facts about Traffic
Essential for every website’s success, is traffic (website visitors). There are various avenues for attracting traffic and varying degrees of quality/relevance. Once traffic has been directed to your website it is then the role of your website to convert these visitors into customers.

  • Traffic can be delivered to your website instantly or progressively
  • Targeting influences the cost:
               Low targeting = high volume and lower cost
               Highly targeted = lower volume and higher cost
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