7 Secrets of the last Ninja for blogging

He’s called Japans last ninja and this 63 year old used to work as a engineer. He does not fit the typical ninja front of someone disappearing into smoke  and jumping from great heights but he does possess some ninja secrets.
ninja or shinobi is a secret agent  for bloggers
He is the 21st head of the ban clan, a line of ninjas  that can trace back its history to 500 years. Jinichi Kawakami is the only person  learnt the skills was directly handed down to him from the ninja masters over the last five centuries.

NINJA secrets Translated you can use ( or Not) for blogging

Make and trial exotic poisons to us on your opponents (Negative seo) – Both are not recommended ( though negative seo is becoming more popular with more options being available more recently now with the DMCA also available)
Ninjas use Espionage ( Bloggers use tools like sem rush , google keywords tool, Seo spy optimization and SEO books Serp plugin  for knowing  what their competitors are doing and how)
Ninjas use guerrilla attacks ( Bloggers go on the offensive with guest posting , Appropriate link building and sometimes grey hat techniques)
Ninjas study physical and mental skills  to learn and use chemicals ,weather and psychology for survival techniques ( Bloggers make themselves aware of white hat , black hat techniques and stay ahead of the game   and to survive the constant latest Google updates  and SEO jungle)
Ninjas practise concentration by looking at the wick of a needle until they feel like they are inside the wick of the candle ( Bloggers will concentrate on getting regular posts or content posted on a regular basis to the blogs without showing any weakness)
Ninjas learn to endure heat and cold weather as well as pain and hunger.( Bloggers learn to outrank thier rivals via SEO strategy and learning to keep on top 0f thier seo game by learning from their msitakes)
Ninjas learnt o climb walls , jump form heights, learn to mix chemicals to cause explosions and smoke to survive and escape ( Bloggers learn to become adept to survive the latest Google updates and changes to the algorithm)

Japans last surviving ninja Kawakami

last ninja chick or girl for seo or blogging
The last surviving ninja Kawakami said he said he learnt his skills of Ninjutsu from Masazo Ishida  who dressed up as a Buddhist monk. He said that “ we also have a saying that it is possible to escape death by perching on your enemy’s eyelashes, it means you  are so close that your enemy cannot see you”

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