Seo videos - 2 Videos Google analytics & Post panda Penguin

I came across two excellent videos today  relating to seo.
Im sure naked seo fans will surely get something useful out of this videos  and i will be adding it to our videos page for posterity. Do check out the other videos on our video page as well  and bookmark them if you like us

Link-Building, Diversity & Anchor-Text Profiles Post Penguin: Videos

Understanding anchor-text profiles and how to create anchor diversity
These videos are made by ubertoolz for people  to gain an understanding gof the current climate in seo  and what is going on  and also how to fix your website ifd it is affected by seo. These videos  give you a good understanding of linking and also how google panda and penguin works  and solutions for  fixing up  you website
The videos are   a bit critical  about google changing algorithm , but is fair in its judgement  and calls on how to  do good seo  for you website and make it  google change proof. Beginners as well as experienced SEO consultants will learn  some things from this video. I also like the way  the video has a good sound recording and lets you get the point visually as well as by audio at the same time . Links  to all the  five parts are also listed below on you tube.
There are 5 videos in total | 2nd Video : Post panda video Lnk building VIDEO URL 

Video #1 Above...covers what Google has been doing and discussed the reasons why. How SEO has changed through the 2012 updates. AdWords PPC shifts. Traffic diversification & non-reliance on Google. The key ranking factors of Panda & Penguin and their changes/implications.

Video #2
...covers an in-depth understanding of anchor-profiles and the 7 key metrics/KPI's of diverse anchor-text building post-Panda & Penguin; with examples and explanations.

Video #3
...covers techniques for mixing up your root keyword pool. LSI/Contextuality/theming. Non anchor-related rankings factors since Panda & Penguin. General link-building factors. SEO/Class C Hosting. Tiered link-building & 'disposable' ranking-assets.

Video #4
...covers 'on-site' SEO factors since Panda & Penguin. Common mistakes made. 

Video #5
...covers how to auto-create anchor diversity through properly spun link-blocks. Built-up examples of creating, 'weighting' and encoding spun link-blocks correctly post panda & penguin. Using UberToolz LinkCoder to auto-generate massively diverse encoded link-blocks. Conclusions.

Second video : Google analytics and setting up alerts By Google analytics – Another video
Here’s 55 different custom alerts by Lunametrics to get you started.
Second Video : Post panda and penguin Link building By Ubertoolz (


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