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Yeh thats right!!  now you can get  real  an interesting content  that is written by a  robot  and is readable and interesting too and really quick of the mark. If you connect this robot  to a api and get articles made of  from datasets or excel sheets or live databases  you could have  an article on the latest stock market news or trend on you blog or article before most of the big companies  or the latest sports scores written in a nice article  and published as the score happens.

Narrative science is a new service that actually does this , as everybody now knows Google shuns poor content ,  now they have actually got a intelligent little robot that will pull data  from excel sheets and apis  and write a intelligent article for you blog or website.

Narrative Science article writing real intelligent robot

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According to thier website they say Narrative Science started life as a joint research project at Northwestern University Schools of Engineering and Journalism. Our first automatically generated story described a Northwestern Wildcats baseball game. Formally launched in early 2010, the company is based in Chicago, Illinois.”

Kris Hammond -  the Chief Technology Officer is the brains behind this new concept  and In addition to being Narrative Science’s CTO, Kris is also a professor of Computer Science and Journalism at Northwestern University.

By feeding a set of numbers through its systems, or connecting an api to their intelligent robot the two-year-old Narrative Science can generate stories in English that can explain the data from charts, graphs and spreadsheets to their customers.

Real article writing robot for $5 and $10

Black hat seo has been thriving with  spun content  for  a long time  thanks to no checks done by the big daddy for a long time  which allowed it top flourish  to mutual benefit , but now  by the looks of it  this software actually does  the same thing in the right and legal way ( and its true and real genuine content built into article for your blog by a robot- check eg below  )

For sure with this being a very sought after  service by many, surely  you will soon see many versions of this intelligent software coming onto the market soon  and many dealers peddling their smart intelligent  article writer bots soon doing all kinds of intelligent writing with further tweaks to heir bots .

You can learn more about what they do and provide here on thier  services page

Examples of our narrative science work:

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