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If you run wordpress, it is unlikely that you have not heard of the “all in one seo “ plugin  which is one of the best SEO plugins for word press with simple basic functionality that works.

The author “Rajesh Babu Ramachandran” has just released a new plugin that gets quite technical with saving bandwidth , but does the job. .He is the author of the popular wordpress SEO plugin – Platinum SEO [link], that has seen more than 250,000 downloads and he also runs a blog Techblissonline

If you are running multiple websites on word press from your word press hosts, this plugin will save you some grief  with your hosting providers  to some extent by minimising the  bandwitrh that is being used by unwanted search queries  through major search engines like Google, yahoo and bing


This plugin is called the “Chennai Central wordpress plugin”

You can save bandwidth with Chennai Central wordpress plugin as THIS PLUGIN MAKES  your wordpress blog/site support conditional GETs performed by search engine crawlers, feed readers and more. Its based on 304 Not Modified HTTP status code.The following is the RFC on 304 Not Modified status code (Conditional GETS)

Most Major  Search Engine Crawlers like Googlebot, Yahoo SERP, & Bing and feed readers perform a conditional GET request, for posts or pages already indexed by them.


How the Chennai Central wordpress plugin works  to save bandwith

Most CMS  or blog platforms including WordPress do not support Conditional GETS by default. Conditional GETS are an useful method to save bandwidth by simply returning a 304 Not Modified Header status code.

Whenever search engine crawlers and feed readers try to fetch the posts/pages that have already been read and indexed by them, this plugin will stop the search engine crawlers and feed readers  from downloading the entire post/page content and thus saving enormous amount of bandwidth

Find out how the Chennai Central plugin works here. Download the Chennai central plugin and enjoy saving bandwidh. ( thanks rajesh)

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