Bing ads introduces new feature Incremental bids to rival google adwords

Google adwords aint got nothing on Bingads Incremental bids

Beginning in July 2013, Bing ads  are providing more options to adwords advertisers on micrsoft and yahoo platforms and they are updating the way they calculate multiple incremental bids.

increase your bid for specifically targeted customers.

For example, let's say you want to improve the odds of showing your ads to customers who are 25-34 years old. Your bid on the keyword "shoes" is $1.00. You add a 20% incremental bid for the age group 25-34. Now, when a search user of the targeted age searches for "shoes", your bid is $1.20 and you're more likely to have a winning bid that gets your ads displayed. To learn how to apply targets and add incremental bids, see How to target customers.

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If more than one of your target criterion is met and your ad is clicked, you pay for each of the incremental bids that match (but not for those that don't match).

Bing Ads is available in these countries only on the Bing network

  • Australia*
    New Zealand*
  • Singapore


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