Marketing Tools for SEO FOOLS

Not so much fools !! buy hey  im sure you will love my tool.

They are no .1

So here is my tool pick for August 2014

Its a tool to pick keywords , you can use it for  finding long tail keywords , two letter keywords, 3 letter keywords or more importantly google search instant suggester keywords.

You can use it  for PPC or just inserting in your blog posts , but it surely  will bring in tons of traffic if done right !!

Here is s snap shot

Promediacorp's free Google Suggest keyword research tool

How is the number of search results returned calculated?
This metric is provided within Google’s Autocomplete results. For example, you can look at the autocomplete result for dog and see that the numbers listed in suggester for dog correspond to the total number of search results in Google’s index.

Here is another snapshot

suggester keyword tool  google instant search

How do you collect data from Google Autocomplete?
We parse the XML provided at Google’s autocomplete URL:

How Exactly Does Google Autocomplete Work?
Read this excellent in-depth article by Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land.


check out more naked tools here


  • John Landston • 4 years ago

    This is pretty cool. Sure beats entering these terms one by one in Google.

    You can come up with some fun results if you tweak the terms you put in the search box. Nice work...

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        Miles Carter • 4 years ago

        Looks to be very useful, though less so to us UK based SEO's due to the Texas server location. If this could be region targeted it would be awesome.

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            Michael Manning Miles Carter4 years ago

            Targetting by location is something we'd definitely like to do... but Google doesn't make it that easy. We're trying to come up with a solution.

            For the most part, there aren't that many terms in the results on Suggester that show a Texas influence, so I think it can still be useful to people in the UK and anywhere else. I'm sure the results for some huge keyword like "mcdonalds" would be different in the UK, though, so targetting would be nice.

            Got any friends who want to let us use their server in the UK?


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        3. Looks to be very useful, though less so to us UK based SEO's due to the Texas server location. If this could be region targeted it would be awesome.thanks

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