Find related websites with who is and google analytics ids


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You ever came across this situation where you found a  website ora  person who owned one website and wanted to find out  which other websites he owned or had , well there is different free ways to do that other than paid websites that offer that service.

So if  you are on a website and would like to know which other web domains are owned by the same person who owns that website. Is it possible?

How to find owner of multiple domains or websites

One way is to find  it out  by the Google analytics id  or then their Google AdSense pub id

find owner of multiple sites

you can do this  by looking up the website

Change the to the website  you want to search about  and if the person has a google analytics on all his sites ,those sites will show up like in the pic above


You can also find out other information on this website like

Domains hosted on the same web server

Listed on blocklists ( if your website is on any spam lists)

[img from]

With the t0ol  you can put the site’s domain and it will show other websites hosted on that server.

Reverse Whois Lookups with Google

Go to  any who .is website  and enter the domain name that you are trying to research. This will provide you contact details of the domain registrant and you can then use this data to perform a reverse whois lookup on Google ( with the below data you found and will enter below) to find other domains of that person.


Look up with adsense ids

If a web domain is using Google AdSense ads, you can use Blekko search to find all the other sites on the web that use the same AdSense ID. It is easy to find the AdSense id  on the website , if they are using it 


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