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Our viewers are mainly from  Brazil , Australia and Indonesia  apart from the leading country for online  traffic that is US.

We study and research the  SEO trends  and make comments  and stories on these latest  and interesting trends  in the SEO Industry. We like to tell stories about SEO  and change the goals post all the time , just like the big daddy GOOGLE.

We have nothing to Hide and so we are called NAKED SEO , Seo so  simple that you can see through us, so stop looking now :)

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Today i was chuffed to see our blog being upgraded on Google search 
( Maybe the penguin 2.1 effect .. but we are liking it )

Our blog naked seo just got site links in  the Google search engine ..here is snap shot below
Hell yeah !! Naked Seo blog in Google top ranking  with links !!

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Continued what they are searching......

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