seo at blog catalog

If you use  Global Penny stocks' target=_blank>Blog catalog  to promote your blog and get traffic  , you will know for sure  . it does work.

Blog traffic is one of the regular sources of traffic i get to all my blogs , just like many other services , but the difference is  blog catalog also gives a community feel and is backed by yahoo ..i think  or is it?

Blog catalog

Blogcatalog seo

Anyway i just discovered the other day  when i posted  a discussion comment  blog catalog automatically  gives your  link a  rel=nofollow tag.

Seo with blogcatalog

Now many a person  would not know what this is all about ,.. but yes .. its pretty much the link is of no value as far as seo goes because it does not get indexed a a link in blog catalog for your website.

so yeah go ahead enjoy the traffic that you probably would get from here .. but dont expect any seo benefit


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