US version Vs Australian version of google keywords tool

Seperate features for Google keywords tool

Yesterday i  just discovered that the aussie’s are not getting as much as seo  worth as the Americans are . I was quite intrigued when i found out that the  australian version of the  Google keywords  tool is a little bit different  from the American version.

I got snapshots of both of them here

American version google adwords keywords tool

american google adwords keywords tool

Australian version  google adwords keywords tool

australian version google adwords keyword tool

This is quite weird that the Australian google adwords keyword tool version does not get these extra columns and opportunity to do a bit of extra SEO  like the American google keyword url provide . It does seem a bit unfair


If you look at  left side first column( how would you like to generate keyword ideas) you can see the Australian version has the second option missing

( Website content

This can be used to see the keywords for a competitor based on what google keywords sees on their pages and this can be quite useful

In the meanwhile those who want to make use of this feature can access the American  Google ad words keyword url from here


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