Off page SEO and On page seo

When a website is optimized for the search engines, there two basic factors that the spiders consider when indexing and determining your ranking: Off Page SEO and On Page SEO. They are very different types of SEO implementation and therefore require different strategies.

On page seo chick Off page seo

On-Page Search Engine Optimization is the first factor that you should focus on because it lays the foundation for any SEO in the future. Off-Page SEO is the process of attracting and building links to a company’s website. In order to rank well in the search rankings for your keywords and phrases, the spiders will evaluate the quantity and quality of the links that point to your page. This includes every link to your blog or homepage

On-Page SEO has a set of guidelines on how and where to place your site’s keywords on a page and throughout the site in order to maximize it’s potential ranking for that keyword. Some of the major areas to optimize keyword usage are: title of web page (title tag), meta tag description, anchor texts of links to internal pages of site, anchor text of navigation links, anchor text of footer links, and anchor text of in-context links


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  1. Pure organic SEO is really what matters in most search engines. Moreover, every site should be given a good structure plan of having on-page and off-page optimization.

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