Page rank loss with 301 redirects – the truth from google

A rumor in the SEO world circulating for many years is that 301 redirects cause a loss of PageRank on Google. Here’s the official word on that from Google Engineer, Matt Cutts
In an interview with Matt Cutts by Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting; the following comments were made about the 301 redirect and PageRank.
Eric Enge:
Let’s say you move from one domain to another and you write yourself a nice little statement that basically instructs the search engine and, any user agent on how to remap from one domain to the other. In a scenario like this, is there some loss in PageRank that can take place simply because the user who originally implemented a link to the site didn’t link to it on the new domain?

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Matt Cutts:
That’s a good question, and I am not 100 percent sure about the answer. I can certainly see how there could be some loss of PageRank.
I am not 100 percent sure whether the crawling and indexing team has implemented that sort of natural PageRank decay, so I will have to go and check on that specific case. (Note: in a follow on email, Matt confirmed that this is in fact the case. There is some loss of PR through a 301).
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