is my blog or website banned ??

Often many people can  get their blog or website banned or filtered an not  even know about it , with the only  tell tale signs being the drop in traffic

Below ash nallawalla list some of the few reasons why you could have got banned and list the way that you can request Google to  unban you or get your site /log off the sandbox

Reasons for getting banned by google

Avoid Duplicate Content

Hidden Links

Paid Links

Keyword Stuffing

Hidden Content


Same Coloured Text as Background

Hidden Text

Reciprocal Links

Three-Way Links

Artificial Link Networks

Purchased Links

These above methods are also called as ”BLACK HAT SEO” by some

If you suspect a Google spam penalty and have cleaned up your site, you need to file a Request for Reconsideration from the Webmaster Tools Dashboard.

Recourse if your site is banned

Create or use a Google account, and login to Google's Webmaster Tools. From there, request reconsideration of your site. See below for Google's own video advising on what to do.

Article ref : Ash Nallawalla manages natural and paid search traffic for some of Australia’s largest websites. Ash can be contacted and he blogs at


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