How to : On Page SEO

On page seo 101

Below are a few tips to get your on page seo done manually , rather than going and getting some plugins and software that eat up your server bandwidth and resources

Since Google Panda update , the role of a unique quality article with minimum 500 words and optimize with the on-page SEO is become more important than before.

Only with good on-page SEO you  will be able to get into the first page of Google search results.

On-Page SEO optimization.

Usually, it is quiet easy to achieve 80%+ score, but to achieving the perfect 100% On-Page score is  difficult.

on page seo


Here are some tricks that I usually use to get the perfect 100% on-page score:

#1. Keyword inside H1, H2, and H3 title

H1 - Make sure your theme using H1 for post title.

H2 - We can add subtitle with keyword in H2 format right after the article title or inside the article content.

H3 - Similar to H2 above, or we can make the title of Related Post in H3 format and contain targeted keyword(s). 

For example: "Posts Related to Post Title (which always contain keyword)"

#2. Description meta tag begins with keyword.

Make the description begin with keywords like below Eg.

"Main Keywords. Short description about the article here."

#3. Your website / blog Content contains keyword in anchor text of at least one external link.

Change a keyword to be a link to other website , but not a link to competitor's website. The easiest way is creating a link to websites like Wikipedia,, or even Google itself.

These on-page SEO criteria are quiet easy to fulfil, so with these tips and tricks, I hope you could achieve perfect 100% on-page SEO score. Here is a On page SEO checklist for ya


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