Seo Analysis the Eazy way

Sometimes by quirk of nature you find seo information by accident  and i just found a nice wway to check the seo value  of  a website  just randomly by accident today. By doing this simple search in google i managed to get heaps of info from google  which you can use  to see what the good and top guys are doing with their SEO


Its simple Pick a site Domain and search “Seo for DOMAIN”

I will  give you examples of  two domains that i did search for ( quite highly ranked ) ( australian porduct website)

The search results for mozo  gave me all this websites  that immediately pulled out  all information about keywords, links on websites  and similar websites  with some of the ranking websites  also giving detailed info of  most popular pages of that site  and a pie chart of keywords and analytics

Here is what i got for  narvey ( Australian Electronics website) ( failed to provide info ) ( came up with some info) ( with hardly any info )

Ands some others , , , ( good one ) ,

SO narvey horman did not come up with much results  as it is poorly ranked  but in comparison mozo came up with a wealth of info on its doamin and SEO. BELOW are the results


Here are the links i got for Mozo ( pr ranked 7 for most of tits pages ) that gives heaps of info ( pretty good analysis) ( i like this one , nicely designed) ( some useful information ,indexed pages ,Content score) ( thats spyfu score  .hmmmm only ip addy interesting) ( daily bandwith use , daily page views nice )


one very interesting link i got was eg for search on  seo for mozo on google. Which means  that doing this ( inserting a tag with ) could do wonders for your blog ? can it ? (( hehe keep this secret Winking smile.


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