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In the online world  they say, to be successful you gotta follow successful people. And yes tehre are many ways to do this. Now i dont  really believe  that is  the right way , but following the same principles they  use  can surely get the same sucess without actually copying them  and sometimes falling flat on your face.


One such tool that will help you give a insight into a successful person  website is  a “SEO profiling service” . Yeh i just made that term right now , probably already  used by many people

For this example let me have a look at www.labnol.org a very popular TECH and HOW TO website on the internet.

i put this website link into  a seo profiler website like

Website Value


SEO SPYING If you notice the information

Visits per day:

Daily Ads Revenue:

The above both give you an idea of the potential earnings in this  niche

Same Analytics Account:

blogschool.in sleepingtime.org talltweets.com digitalinspiration.com labnol.blogspot.com indianbloggers.org

The above linked blog gives a list of all the other blogs being monitored by the same google analytics acount, which indicated its owned by the same person (labnol.org)

Finding same owner websites by google adsense and analytics

From another website below you can see also the google adsense id , if they are multiple AdSense ids or google analytics id that will show as well , helping you reveal the other websites by the same google id

seo spy seo profiler profiling

Coming back to labnol.org

You get various SEO info like title  and description as well

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog

labnol.org visitors, seo, traffic and competition. Website located in United States. Hosted in Brea. Has the following nameservers: ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com, ns3.dreamhost.com. With ip World rank is 2019.

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Below you can see teh webshost is “BLUEHOST” and more detailed info if available

seo profiling and spying on websites same owner websites finder


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