what google know about you ?– Privacy policy

You cant hide from big brother  and yes if Google is big brother , then big brother is all  around  you.

Google just changed its privacy policy  to bring together 60 of tits separate privacy policy's , to make it easier for them as well as publishers and also to give them more powers  to  integrate all your data , for it to be used to better benefit   to them but also you.

spying-cat google

So what does google know about you?

To get a sample if you use  a lot of different Google services , you can just login with your id here


And you will see everything that is connected with your login is now integrated  and connected with  each other. If you login to browse Google search  with your smartphone it even tell you what smartphone you are using

Name: samsung GT-I9000 Vodafone

Last activity seen on: 24 Feb 2012

It even logs your webs browsing history  and  many more things done on google. go check itout


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