Google page 1 ranking for under $100

Yeh sure you get many marketing companies promising you that , but hey normally do that for vague keywords that is easy to rank for. Recently i read this article in watoday  by author DAVID Wilson saying you can get a page 1 ranking on google for under $100. Obviously  i was drawn to read the article because it seemed impossible for such a low fee. Turns out the article actually  did not actually gave any definite strategy to actually get a a page 1 ranking on Google ,but just told us that  getting the right keyword when purchasing your domain  and purchasing multiple keywords related to your domain niche and pointing towards your domain will help you get that page 1 ranking.

top rankings google apge 1 page rank 9

$100 for Google page 1 ranking , is it real

Funnily enough as most SEO’ s will know they didn't even  clarify that page 1 RANKING IS NOT NECESSARILY THE TOP RANKING , AND PAGE RANK 9 OR PAGE RANK 10 is a much better ranking as per the Google ranking methodology. so i conclude with  this article never really gave a definite solution for actually getting top ranking in google  as if you ask any actual SEO person its pretty difficult to get that done , specially under $100.

I would like to know though  if really anybody has got good google page rank just getting many domains with related keywords  pointing towards their main niche keywords domain.

i think has something to do with this article as he has been mentioned in this article and the article also has plug for performing  keyword research using Google or Wordtracker


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