Highest earnings AdSense words or top earnings cpc keywords

Its interesting you dont get much  by searching  for “highest paying google keywords” or adwords( but do get lot of people trying to rip you off selling lists.But if you change your search keywords to “High CPC”

you do get some nice results.

Here are some high paying keywords for your niche’s

Here is the current compiled list of highest cost per click keywords released on the 25 March 2012

  1. donate car to charity california $130.25
  2. donate car for tax credit $126.65
  3. donate cars in ma $125.50
  4. donate your car sacramento $118.20  (… Full list - more here)
Most Expensive Keywords List

Here is a great graphic from the folks at WordStream.

google adwords keywords high paying list

Another ( The top 500 Highest Paying Adsense Keywords )

$82.92 austin dwi
$78.01 school loan consolidation
$76.54 college loan consolidation
$74.93 car insurance quotes
$74.78 auto insurance quotes
$74.23 school consolidation
$71.71 consolidation college
$67.42 consolidation student
$67.34 student loan consolidation rates
$67.27 sell structured settlement
$66.84 structured settlements

Full list - http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=1158511 ( try if it works ..may need a membership)

Spyfus list of Keywords with Highest Cost Per Click



As potpiegirl says

If you could build a site that has ads earning you $1 per click or $20 per click, which would YOU pick?”


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