This is a BAD SEO IDEA !!

Well google is certainly dishing it out  these days  on what is good and what is bad in SEO, as if they invented SEO ,, but surely this URL below can be used for bad seo or a  bad traffic method if used in the wrong way.

I cam across this website in my stat counter stats the other day “

I was a bit surprised and  went to their website

http  website good seo bad seo

Not bad SEO , but a good Con-cept

Turns out it can open multiple urls like its name suggests. im glad  that it just opened once instance of my website . there is the chance of this being misused for bad SEO or getting traffic  with a little bit ingenuity of scripting or plain labour .. but i will not go there . The website itself if not used for bad purposes is quite a nice concept.


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