Wordpress changes 3.4.1 with twitter and you tube embeds

some exciting happenings at wordpress 3.4.1 update. Unfortunately  they was also some bad news for some preceding the last update , on of the popular blogs that i read got hacked recently  and i could just assume it could be  because of that last update the had some serious security updates to be patched and was updated later by wordpress.

How ever the good news is now ALL YOU NEED to get your TWITTER embed in your post or page in wqordpress is just the status URL


For eg  go here http://twitter.com/megabytecomau ( i gcopy the link  form my 4th july tweet) and just past it ( url like below ) into my post  in wordpress



wordpress update security vulnerability 3.4.1 twitter you tube

Really neat, you can do the same with a Youtube and many more urls like

YouTube (only public videos and playlists - "unlisted" and "private" videos will not embed)  Vimeo

DailyMotion blip.tv  Flickr (both videos and images)   Viddler Hulu Qik  Revision3  Scribd

Photobucket  PollDaddy  WordPress.tv (only VideoPress-type videos for the time being)

SmugMug (WordPress 3.0+)   FunnyOrDie.com (WordPress 3.0+) Twitter (WordPress 3.4+)

The custom headers are also now flexible sizes in wordpress themes and there is also now a option for custom headers for your image uploads.


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