Less than101 ways to Build links to your blog and put a rocket underneath it

I was browsing the seo land and came across a nice detailed , informative post by sujan patel on how to build links to your blog.  The psot not only  gives you ways and ideas to build links , but also pretty much a sure  fire plan to get your blog noticed and popular if you  are on your way to  earn $$ by blogging or just getting a popular blog.

than101 ways to Build links to your blog

Here are a few gems  -101 from his marathon post

    1. Add social sharing tools to your blog articles – Adding social sharing tools to your blog posts  is pretty much mandatory now that social signals are being weighted in the ranking algorithms.
    2. Write list posts for your blog – People love to share list posts, making this technique an easy way to build backlinks quickly.
    3. Create internal links between posts – Adding internal links between posts on your site isn’t just a great link building tactic, it’s also a good way to get your readers to engage further with your website
    4. Create comprehensive “how to” posts – If you create content that solves peoples’ problems (and “how to” posts are especially effective for this), you’ll find that your posts get linked back to far more often.
    5. Tie your blog to your Twitter profile to create links automatically – This way, every new posts results in a highly-shareable backlink to your site. Also get facebook cross connected to your blog
    6. Share videos on Youtube – Take advantage of Youtube’s current standing as one of the web’s largest search engines to get your content discovered, shared and backlinked.

I know this is only six  but you can  check out the rest  over here

Sujan Patel is the co-founder of Single Grain, an SEO Agency based in San Francisco, CA. Single Grain specializes in helping start ups and Fortune 500 companies with their digital marketing strategy


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