The Google Olympic search rush and SEO for pics

Olympics is  also getting  lucky for a lot of people in the SEO industry, I have tried my bit  as well, but i was pleasantly surprised when i found a almost 600 % to 800 %  increase in traffic  due to a recent Olympic post on one of the blogs.
Google enjoys a wide lead over its competitors. Statistics produced from Hitwise show Google image search to have approximately 72% of all image searchesAnna meares vs sally pearson seo Attack for image search
Jump in Traffic the blog got after the Olympic post got published

SEO optimizing for image search and Olympics

A recent post on of the blogs i manage  that had a post on Australian athletes  who won gold in the Olympics suddenly shot up almost 800% in hits to the website  and specifically to one athelete “Anna Meares” picture who won a gold for – Olympic Cycling Women’s Sprint Title.

Golden girls Anna Meares and Sally Pearson

Not his wasn’t the traffic getting image , this is sally pearson who won gold for Athletics
Image search, by one definition, is query results, accompanied by thumbnail graphics and supplanted by contextual information, that best match users' search queries.
This picture of anna meares apparently was the most eye catching in the  google image search results for anna meares on and  this blog got massive search hits to the blog as a result of this image

picture seo for olmpics anna meares
The traffic got from these search terms in different  search engines of google

This goes to prove  that good looking images of girls are always a draw card  ( for more hits and traffic to your articles or blog posts) and when they have a little something extra  to entice a person to click on that image,  that lucky website can surely get a ton of traffic

How to optimize your images

There will be many websites telling you how to optimize for image search traffic ( with appropriate tagging , image size, alt attributes) , but if you follow just the simple method of naming your image with the relevant title  that is useful to the person searching for it , it will automatically get  noticed int he search engine  with you possibly gettiung heaps of traffic

If you are running wordpress here is  easy option via a plugin " SEO Friendly Images "

SEO Friendly Images is a Wordpress SEO plugin which automatically updates all images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes for SEO purposes. If your images do not have ALT and TITLE already set, SEO Friendly Images will add them according the options you set. Additionally this makes the post W3C/xHTML valid as well.
ALT attribute is important part of search engine optimization. It describes your i… By Vladimir Prelovac.


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