NEW keywords meta tags for real !!

IS it the rumormill or is it fact ..that news webpages can use new meta tags for thier website

img ref :

Anyway some Tips on setting up the news_keywords meta tag:

  • Commas are used to separate keywords and are the only punctuation allowed in the field.
  • Keywords can be used to disambiguate between like terms. This is perhaps the most useful feature of the new tag; publishers can tell sGoogle when an article is not relevant to a similar topic. The eg. they use to explain this is the World Cup in soccer vs. rugby. Adding < meta name="news_keywords" content="World Cup, Africa 2014, Spain vs Amsterdam, soccer, football"> tells Google the article is not about rugby.
  • Each article can have up to ten news keyword phrases. 
  • All keywords have equal value; input order doesn’t matter.


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