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Running a blog successfully in todays post panda penguin world  has changed dramatically for the worse for many people and there are a hundred more things to  watch out for and monitor. But one of the things that was still important before  and is even more important now  is generating regular content.

Many seo bloggers have claimed that there is not sufficient data to see what Google’s stand on regularly publishing and infrequent publishing  affects you blog , but  experiments conducted reveal that your ranking and  traffic can go down  based on your publishing cycle.

For me  its a simple fact that if all the top bloggers have suddenly started publishing more regularly  than they usually do, it is quite evident then that that's what needed  for keeping your traffic  and  blog popular an up in the ranks. Why do extra research when the top bloggers already do  that for you ( i mean for themselves) Winking smile.

Coming back to the topic , here are some tools to help you get your this plan into action on how to generate content for your blog

Freshness Algorithm Overview:

  • Caffeine indexing – will be placing more weight on newest results and information. ( This is what makes more regular blogging more relevant)

Tools to help you generate content for my blog


How to generate regular content for my blog ?

These two tools  UBERSUGGEST and SOOVLE  can really help you find topics  and unique seo friendly content  for your blog publishing , specially when your brains gone down the drain  and you need some inspiration

We will do a test with some keywords to see how we can get some topics to blog about on certain keywords and keep our blog fresh and ready for that Google metarobot.


Lets see what we get with an Australian keyword “Australian Property”

Soovle ; Australian property  keyword results in Google search engine

soovle Australian keyword Australian Property

Then we did  a search for the same keyword while clicking on the Bing search engine

here are the results.

soovle bing  australian property market

You can see a little bit of variation in results  with keywords  and possible topic titles , but you can also see which results are popular  across the search engines which can help you in making your choice for a post title.

You can click on the other icons like Alexa Yahoo etc. on soovle  to get more varied results and ideas f0r your topics, for your Australian blog or  Australian property blog if you wish


i did notice  Thumbs upthree long tail keywords appearing again and again in this search

Australian property Bubble ( e.g. top 10 reasons whey Australia can have a property bubble)

Australian property spruikers ( aussie slang word often used included) ( e.g.  The best aussie Property spruikers)

Australian property institute ( e.g.. the top Australian property information institutes)

so you can go to soovle  and get your blog article posts or titles and topics and get firing away on your keyboard now

How To Use Soovle To Generate Article-Content Ideas

How To Use Soovle To Generate Article-Content Ideas

How To Use Soovle To Find Blog Topics –

How To Have FUN With Google Suggest Results! + 300 VIDEOS!

Lets go explore the Ubersuggest Tools now  to get some more ideas for regular blog posting and topics

The next keyword we are taking for a spin on UBERSUGGEST for  our research purposes is a highly competitive keyword in the Australian keyword market “property for sale”

ubersuggest keyword research for bloggers

The results from ubersuggest for keyword “property for sale”Turtle

As you can see in the results below  Property for sale with the STATES abbreviation attached are quite popular keywords and so you can make different articles based on these keywords

for e.g. for the “keyword Property for sale  WA”  we got from ubersuggest  could be made into a post like this  -->( e.g. post title . The best investment property for sale this month In WA)

property for sale keyword on ubersuggest research for post topics

We also got some unique searches in uber suggest for this terms like

airstrip property for sale Australia

homes for sale adelaide australia

australia beach property for sale ( could be worth promoting given the trend)

coastal property for sale australia ( easy to rank for ??)

golf property for sale australia ( really !! )

property for sale + australia zoo ( this is plain weird ,someone wants to live in a zoo )


But surely this will give you and idea of topics  to make article on if you got a property blog and you can get you property blog or whatever niche blog  you have on a roll by starting to post article on these topics you get from ubersuggest ( SOOVLE ( which are great helper tools.

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