How to fix the exact domain match

Its quite annoying  that Google is doing this, whenever  google does a update many innocent people are affected. I can almost compare it to a situation where  the US Defence justifies killing innocent civilians in war either in Afghanistan or wherever it is.

Many SEO s or bloggers take out their hard earned time to make their blogs or websites popular the honest way and when they see that traffic drop for no reason of theirs.its pretty heart breaking. I have been working on a gadget website for the past year and was broken to see traffic just crash since 28 and 29th Sep 2012.

exact domian match  by google update

Exact domian match ??

I will be monitoring this situation  and giving you tips  on how to fix this sh** update by google.

The EXact Domain match ( or EMD) could be a penalty for sites using EMDs badly, or it could simply be a devaluation based on Google lowering the "volume" of EMDs as a ranking signal.

My site was hit and I'm a little miffed.  I was ranking for #3-6 in the last few days, mainly because I'm competing with my Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts.see the site here: (via


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