Anchor text linking , keyword ratios and the new linking methods


Just do a  google search for "funny pics" and search engines return results for "funny photos" and "funny pictures" instead of the keyword funny pics. This  search result in fact gives us several other  possible alternatives to exact-match links which can be used for keyword linking if you are targeting  funny pics as a keyword.

Use google search to find alternative keywords for your link building

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Not many people use a google search trick called  the tilde operator . The  Google's tilde (~) operator. is a great way to find synonyms or alternative keywords and  synonyms to use for back linking 

The tilde tells Google to "search for pages that are synonyms or similar to the term that follows." ,

Do a search with the tilde  to find alternative keywords and use that a s alternative  keywords for your back linking campaign, this can result in lot of traffic from long tail keywords  or unknown keywords that bring you new traffic

Find alternative keywords and synonyms

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When combined with other operators, such as the negative (-), this gives you a powerful keyword research tool. In the example above, the search query "~cheap gadgets –cheap gadgets" returns "affordable gadgtes", " awesome gadgets," “used gadgets” and "old gadgets." All are  alternative keywords for your target keyword and quite relevant to the target  aussie  search market  for which has been used in this instance. Synonyms  can also  be found using this method.


Anchor text linking the right way

Better, more appropriate partial match anchors might include:

Add a bit of  generic links

  • “Visit website”
  • “Read more”
  • “Useful site”
  • And, of course, “click herE

And a most important point in linking is  watch your lick ratio, never keep your main keyword density or ratio more than 50% , be safe and always  have other keywords like brand keywords , generic keyworeds and  long tail keywords , synonms  etc  to fill out  the rest of  50% to 60% of the balance of keyword linking density


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