What Google didn't tell you about SEO !!

SEO In 2013 has become like a hard nut  that is difficult to crack , but  with thousands of seo’s chasing the algorithm  and testing new projects and test cases everyday , secrets cant be secrets for long.

I have read numerous top seo blogs and websites  and conducted a few tests of my own  to come up with a general consensus of what works and possibly some secrets that are revealing  as to SEO FOR today , because what happens tomorrow is another thing again.

The future of SEO and Traffic to your website 2013 is so transparent


COOK up an SEO Storm  to your way to the top

1. Linking – when linking to your website in 2013, make sure the surrounding text to the link is as relevant to the website you are linking to.

2. Linking  from  web 2.0 sites  to you  chosen website  and then creating a layer of links ( web 2.0 , blogs and social media links ) helps boost your performance on the search engines with some boost in rankings as well.

3. Image search has got smarter , so do seo for images. I've witnessed blogs getting high number of traffic just because of images in contrast to 2012 SEO

4.Google + author profile is worth setting up just for the the traffic it brings and steals from competitors.

5. Social Marketing - Don't ignore FACEBOOK , its  traffic to websites  are growing by leaps and bounds everyday  and its only going to increase( Bing is already partnering with facebook for search on google + so optimize for bing as well)

6. SEO FOR SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS, traffic to tablets and smartphones are gaining  at a crazy pace and you just don't want to miss a piece of this pie , if you haven't yet got a responsive webs design for your blog or website  , go get one now  and do some Mobile seo  research.

7. Always hedge your SEO,  Bring in traffic from not only Google search but also use FACEBOOK, Twitter , BING and yahoo to propagate your SEO

I hope that made  it transparent and simple enough for you and hope you get tons of traffic  with some of my tips Smile


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