How to improve SEO with outbound links

Most regular word press themes includes  default  Tags widgets , categories widgets  and also archives  and if you got a big blog or website  this could be bad for you. Just having all three of  them  could excess more than   300 to 500 outbound links if you are a big site on your main page .. which is a definite no no  with the new world of seo past 2012.

OBL stands for Out Bound Link. Out Bound link carries you from your site to another site

IBL- Inbound Links- The links which come from the other site to yours
OBL-Outbond links- Links from your site to other sites

3 tips to improve your mainpage seo or optimise your blog mainpage ( or onpage optimisation)

    • Delete unwanted Tags widget
    • Remove Categories widget
    • Removes archives widget

categories widget tags of australia gadget

REDUCE outbound links for Onpage optimization

archives of

If you dont have many outbound links  you can keep any one of these widgets or then no follow some of these widgets in php coding , though more than 100 outbound links (OBL) on your mainpage is not recommended

Check this website out  for a example of how to reduce OBL and do more onpage optimisation

As per new Search Engine algorithms outbound links on a page play an important role in judging it for link placemen. This SEO tool is very effective while webmasters prepare link report for the clients


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