The best rank tracker (market samurai) software gets better

I am a fan of Market samurai  for oblivious SEO reasons ..its a “affordable SEO software” that is very versatile , and did i say  affordable, yes its affordable and reliable compared to many similar $500 + software's available on the market.

Samurai releases Blue Belt Rank tracker tool for just $25 a month

Anyway why i am  writing  this is because  i just got an email today  from the market samurai guys that they are launching  a new an independent “rank tracker  tool”   with the blue belt plan ( market samurai software includes the white belt plan ) and they are giving members  a discount of 50%, that’s new ( as many hosting companies actually  block you out from new discount offers if you are a existing customer  and here they are taking care of you) and giving you first preference before they  put it out for  the general public for the normal price of $50 a month on 15th July 2013 this monday !!

Market Samurai rank tracker toolwith blue belt plan

Apparently features of this plan

  • There are only 500 of these Supercharged Blue-Belt keyword plans on offer ( only release offer)
  • If you are a existing Market samurai software user,  the (Supercharged Blue-Belt plan CAN be applied to your Rank Tracker module in Market Samurai)
  • The offer You get the BLUE BELT RANK TRACKER access plan  for $25 a month(normal price $50) for the lifetime
  • You also get a PDF reporting to your email for keywords ranking ( which is normally available to the higher brown belt and Black belt rank tracker plans.
  • This  software tracks 500 Keywords in the Blue Belt Plan

If you are eligible  get the Market samurai Keyword ranker tool discount <--here  or if its pasT the date 15th July 2013  go here  to get the software.


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