Biggest Consistent SEO MYTHS

I don’t know about top one, but top 3 (for the completely uninitiated) are:

1. Meta Keywords are still useful (they’re definitely not).

2. Keyword Density is a factor in rankings (it’s definitely not).

3. Submitting your site to search engines is a critical part of SEO. It hasn’t been since the 1990’s, but like meta keywords, this one just won’t die.

For those who are generally smart about SEO, the ones I find most persistent are:

Click-through rate is a major part of search engine rankings. The engines have said publicly that CTR is a very noisy and un-useful signal, and not something they’d rely on.
2. The search engines penalize you if you do active/obvious SEO (they don’t). The engines themselves promote SEO best practices, and Google’s gone as far as to endorse and promote SEO events, a guide and an SEO toolset.
3. Participating in PPC campaigns (and spending more) will help you rank better in the engines (it doesn’t). The engines have very real Chinese walls between their business divisions and never let paid campaign spending affect organic rankings directly.




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