Search Engine Optimisation is like Horse Racing

I was trying to think of a good analogy to explain what SEO is like and I came up with horse racing because I see many similarities.

For the purposes of this analogy:

  • Trainers = SEO consultants
  • Horse = your Website
  • Jockey = your Webmaster and Content writers
  • Racecourse = the Internet
  • Search Engines = Official Handicappers
  • history of melbourne cup
  1. No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google – Google is so worried about people promising this that they’ve added a page about SEO to their website to make people aware of SEO’s that claim to guarantee rankings

    This is just like a horse race because a Trainer (SEO) can help your Horse (website) become faster and more fit but they can’t guarantee the Horse (website) will win on the Racecourse (Internet) because they can’t control how much extra weight the Official Handicappers (Search Engines) will make the horse (website) carry

It’s not possible to guarantee top search engine rankings without doing something unethical just like a horse race where you can’t guarantee winning without bribing officials or giving your horse drugs

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