Now make money with Live journal

The program – called “Your Journal – Your Money” – lets LiveJournal users insert ads into their blog and keep 100 percent of the earnings, after GoogleGoogle takes their cut.
However, users will need to be paid LiveJournal members in order to participate ($19.95 per year), meaning they’ll need to at least generate enough traffic and ad clicks to pay their membership fee before they turn a profit.

The site, which was launched all the way back in 1999 and has been through multiple owners in recent years, is now allowing its users to make money through Google AdSense.

LiveJournal is a bit late to the punch on the feature – Bloggerblogger and TypePadTypePad both already allow users to make money for example. Nonetheless, the prospect of being able to make up the cost of a premium account with some ads may lure a few more of LiveJournal’s millions of members to upgrade.



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