Should i go DIY SEO or Should i go SEO professional ?

People often ask me if they really need professional SEO help, and if they can do their own search engine optimisation. My answer is always the same: of course you can. Just like you can fix your own plumbing, do your own mechanical repairs, and add your own home extension.

Professional SEO vs DIY SEO


Matt Cuts, who works for Google's Search Quality Group (specializing in search engine optimisation issues), says the key to achieving great Google results is "simple":

1) making great content that will attract links in the first place, and
2) choosing a site architecture that makes your site usable/crawlable for humans and search engines alike.

That's not as silly as it sounds. There are elements of SEO that anyone can do - just spends a few minutes on Google and you will probably learn some valuable search engine optimisation techniques.

I've provided a rough guide below to determine if you can run an effective self-run SEO campaign. If you cannot answer in the affirmative to all of the ten questions posed below, you need the services of a professional search engine optimiser.

REF: article by Rob - JustWeb


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