Getting into business with ppc and seo

Nowadays digital strategy has a powerful answer to this question & it comes in the form of full e-commerce tracking.



If you are running a PPC, SEO, E-mail or Social media marketing campaign, then full e-commerce tracking is for you! Run through Google Analytics (free program), the tracking data can capture exactly where each and every sale came from and allocate exact dollars amounts to each sales channel.

Some of my best PPCcampaigns have proven themselves even more valuable then the owner knew, in one instance, the campaign was making around $50,000 per month more than they were attributing to my work.

PPC SEO Case example :

How do you compete in a mature industry? A new Australian company is taking the dog food market on and proving that innovation is king. Harnessing the power and cost advantage of the Interweb, owner Richard Templeton is quickly cementing his place as a leader in the Australian canine market.

PPC seo for business


I am constantly astounded by how many companies set up websites without a plan and more so when they come to me looking for advertising to 'fix their strategy'. The fact question is (as with advertising for a bricks and mortar store), what will people do when they get here?
SME's are notorious for demanding black hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and then getting perturbed when their traffic goes up and their sales continue to flag

Internet advertising is responsible for many new clients trialing the service. Search any of the brands Pookinuk sell (Eukanuba, Royal Canin etc.) and you will see the website appear on Google, Yahoo & MSN. The interweb has been extremely important in growing the reputation of the business, by targeting consumers that are actively engaged in searching for a product / solution. However, any savvy marketer will tell you that Internet advertising is only one component f the marketing mix

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