The Attack of the “EVIL GOOGLE PENGUIN”

Google is pretty much releasing updates( penguin , panda ,  blacksnake ) so rapidly , just like a BOLLYWOOD STAR changes clothes  in just one song in a Bollywood movie( rapidly and many times). As a result many reports are awash on the internet  that their white hats websites have been hit  due to google’s new penguin update .

Penguin update  problems and How to

google evil penguins update

Here are some reasons “Why Your “White Hat” Site Got Nailed by the penguin”

Almost all people claiming that their “White Hat” website got hit, fall into one of four categories:

1.) You didn’t understand what Google considers “White Hat” and built links  on your website /blog according to that misunderstanding and got pinged back to oblivion

2.) Your supposedly White Hat site is being retroactively punished for things you did that once were White Hat, but now are suddenly black hat after the Penguin update.

3.) Your site is collateral damage from the update – a glitch in the penguin which the penguin wont admit,… talk to the hand

4.) The linking patterns established by the people linking to your site tripped the penguins algo (this can happen to perfectly White Hat sites that do  the right thing  but the penguin is gone a bit daft and didnt understand that  well enough..penguins make mistakes ,,unfortunately again talk to the hand.


Get these four looked into fix up some damage for your Google rankings. but there is no guarantee another update from Google will again suddenly get you so might as well look into optimising for other search engines and look more into affiliate sales and marketing


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