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I learn another way of learning stuff today, this method though simple is often overlooked .
Here is an example of very popular blog  i visit and the information  you can get ( from a simple query) that is available to to the public for free

Who is information that helps SEO

This is how you do it , just attach the domain name to the  who is url like below ( rweplace url with whatever  url you wish to spy on for information)
Information you get  is
Reverse Whois:
"Optimum Internet Ltd" owns about19 other domains ( so problogger has  19 other domains in their profile and problooger is run by ( or under) that company))
Registrar History:
2 registrars
NS History:
5 changes on 5 unique name servers over 6 years.
IP History:
29 changes on 12 unique IP addresses over 7 years.
Whois History:
1,319 records have been archived since 2005-02-05 .
Reverse IP:
5 other sites hosted on this server.

 What other sites on this adsense id ?
As you can see below  5 site linked to this adsense id

if you want to see what a successful blogger is doing right now ( projects and stuff). then this would a be a handy option to have . apparently it cost justs $14.90 a day to find out 

Many bloggers nowdays  runs thier blogs under a compnay name and so there is a chane you wont be able to get this information by this search

Domain tools and  fast caching with AMAZON DNS for SEO

WE can see from further information below  that this popular blog uses Amazon DNS ( AWS DNS) for fast caching of its content , so that the blog is faster  thus giving better google SEO optimization  and advantage.
   Domain servers in listed order:
The site profile tab also contains  information that can help you a lot in replicating SEO sucess for yourself as well, but irrespective of everything else  in the end its the content  that sis the most important thing as you can see from the problogger blog  and then the all factors come into play to supporting it to further optimise the seo


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