Where is that affiliate link ?


Well all we E marketers already know where our affiliate links are , but i was stumped when i  tried to do some sneaky search terms to finds out sneakier results !!

Sneaky search terms ion google

I'm  a affiliate member of E-junkie ( some of their pay out are good for some software's), so decided to see what  other people are selling from e-junkie to make money , i got creative  and did a sneaky search “e-junkie.com/ecom/” which is part of the e-junkie affiliate url .

Two things happened that got me a bit inquisitive

sneaky google search terms affiliate tips


From the pic capture above you can see there were quite a few e –junkie pages in results at the top but also some other websites , whats interesting is  that  when i click on all these other sites in that pic

wpchick , wp beginner.com ,  mission communicate.com  thy all redirect to  wp http://www.gravityforms.com/  Neat trick ..huh..( beats me how this is done ,some sorta redirect maybe .. but surelythe link when clicked is not going to wpchick and wp beginner etc as its sup[posed to go to.

Affiliate tricks and tips 2012

I did some further quick search and could not find the wpgravity forms page on thier site .hmmmmm

will have to do further research ..if you have any idea please let me know ..in the meantime you will get 2 good things from this post

  • 1. you now know  sneaky way to find what works  and how other people are selling affiliate stuff by using creative search terms
  • 2. Wpchick has actually some nice free wordpress plugins listed on her actual site here


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