Cant login to blackhatworld website – solutions

If you have been trying to log into  for the past couple of days  and cant login , you are not alone, millions of users are having the same problem.

Cant login to Blackhatworld has recently apparently don't some changes  that have F*****  up access to many of its usual punters. When you try to login  you will probably get some stupid message server waiting for dos protection or  yaade aydde yada  etc
Solutions for getting access or login back to
Hide your ip or get a proxy (US OR UK PROXY) to access the website via a proxy as apparently UK or USA users have no problems logging in so far.

How to login to Blackhatworld via proxy

I just discovered a easy and simple chrome plugin for chrome  that switches to any proxy  in a second  and gives access to any country website. ITS CALLED HOLA

Snapshot of the Hola plugin in action in chrome browser

hola in action ip hiding plugin proxy plugin chrome  blackhatworld

HOLA proxy Plugin for chrome

Apparently you can use this plugin to watch  hulu , Netflix , gulu , BBC i player and those sorta things  as well like us tv shows.
It’s a free extension for Firefox and Chrome that, once installed, lets you simply just click and switch into an another country proxy  to get access to programs or websites or watching videos.

So what does it allow you to do? Access Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Netflix for a start, but you get access to so much more if you install the Windows Extension, including AETV, Google Play, Syfy, YouTube and Pandora.
The best part? It’s free and it doesn’t slow down your connection.
Alternatively you can check out black Hat world on their facebook page for limited content access
Another easy proxy service for acces to toehr country programs  and websites is Tunnelbear whihc works wonders. Simply download the software and you can start streaming immediately.
When you want your normal internet back, turn it off. The free version will only get you 500MB of data for the month (probably less than an hour of streaming); $US4.99/month gets you unlimited access.
Unblock.Us is a paid service , but comes with a trial
"In Australia, Quickflix subscription costs range from AU$15 to AU$35 per month, and you pay extra to watch some movies and TV shows. Also, it uses DVDs for new-release movies, while Foxtel charges AU$72 per month." Netflix in the US costs only US$7.99 per month
What The facebbook p[age says
If you are still unable to access BHW from your country we recommend using a USA or UK proxy*
We apologise for the recent downtime, we are now up for many countries with more coming back online soon*. We are sorry we have had to take this course of action but are putting a strong DDOS solution in place from one of the top providers at the moment to ensure this won't happen again. Our current DDOS provider were unable to handle the traffic.
Yanti Moh 403 Error in india for past few days. I wish that BHW would rectify this issue.
Mikka Scout philippines 403
Muhammad Kashif Yup its still down in pakistan!
Hamish Erskine 403 Forbidden from Australia and my USA proxy. bah...
Anwar Setyawan Annury still 403 forbidden from Indonesia
Lefteris Zis 403 from Greece
Dan McCallum 403 in Canada.
Bert Plessers 403 in Belgium too
incoming searches
How To Stream Netflix And Hulu In Australia also other Geoblockers
Watch TV Shows Online For Free In Australia


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    1. Please visit BBHF or so called

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  3. Please visit BBHF or so called

    Way far better compared to BHW.


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