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I have blanked out the names ..but i totally agree that this has become suddenly a big thing “guest Posting” .. and also possibly as a  result the next big update to come ..though a lot of damage can be done if  a update actually comes out with innocent people getting affected we will have to wait and see.. me personally too lazy to do guest posting at others blog

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Email below

We hope that you are doing well ….. !

As per the recent news, Google has brought up the new changes in the guest posting techniques. So Google gives more weightage to the Guest Posting. Web Portal India is following that changes and doing the more useful Guest Posting by posting the unique and different articles. It has grown to be one of the most influential off-page SEO strategies for promoting brand and products alongside building relationships with the clients. It is one of the best ways to create brand awareness and online visibility.

By guest posting you can get an editorial link, which is one of the best links to help you in pulling your website rank higher. To guest post you need to go through a long process. You need to find relevant websites for your niche ad filter them on criteria like total traffic, page rank, editorial guidelines, update frequency, lack of paid posts, Twitter followers, RSS subscribers, and many other important criteria.

This guest post includes a link to your site.  It will help you in getting high quality back links.

Advantages of Guest Posting service

ü  We research for target blogs keeping in mind your site’s topic as keywords and contact bloggers for guest posting. It helps in reaching the right audience.

ü We assess each blog for suitability using our own quality checking system. Our editors check each post before submission.

ü We offer unique quality posts by expert writers with your link in the guest post. Thus the blogs gives you a high quality link.

ü Our techniques are completely ethical.

ü Our guest posting will provide you an audience who may follow you on social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

ü Finally we coordinate with the blogs owners till the piece is published and enter it in our records so that we can keep track of it throughout

ü We offer a full report in the end with the exact location of your links.

ü Link you will get will be permanent and natural and will be from high authority sites.

Price of Guest Posting

     No. Of  Posts

Package  Cost


10 Guest Posts

$ 200

15 working days

20 Guest Posts

$ 400

20 working days

35 Guest Posts

$ 700

25 working days

50 Guest Posts

$ 1000

40 working days

We guarantee you that you will be happy with the quality of work, which cater the needs of your company’s website. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please do feel free to communicate with us. Please inform us your availability for us to prepare everything for you.
Waiting for your positive and quick response!

Thanks & Regards
Dxxxxi Pxxxxxdey


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