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One of the pet peeves of many Aussie SEO’s is  when they find  that their Bl**** browser default to, when most Aussie SEO’s are looking to check out ( Google’s Amercian version ) quite a lot of the time .

SEO’s will always need to monetize their content  for US traffic as well as Australian traffic , because irrespective of where your site is based  and who its targeting it needs traffic  for it to become popular in Google search engine

No SEO Redirect to

Today i found a  simple and popular way  to not only  make your search engine default to but you can make it default to many other countries as well to do local SEO optimisation for those countries (and also watch tv shows that are blocked).

I had this thing working in  2 minutes  via my chrome browser and so can you

How to redirect to

1. Get the Free “Hola Chrome extension” from below

It’s a free extension for Firefox and Chrome that, once installed, lets you simply flip the switch into the On position and bam: you have yourself a proxy tunnel-through.

Once you install it  you can see it on the top right corner of your browser and you can turn it on and off as you want

YOU CAN ALSO - Access Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Netflix for a start, but you get access to so much more if you install the Windows Extension, including AETV, Google Play, Syfy, YouTube and Pandora.

what is image SEO in australia

The good thing is it also supports set-top boxes such as the Apple TV and PlayStation 3 and therefore you can watch tv episodes blocked in other countries


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