2 tips to reduce your bounce rate in two minutes

Google preaches and we have to listen, because they have the monopoly on the internet  and  therefore own SEO. Unfortunately  yahoo and Bing will have to work harder to even the SEO game on the internet

Web analytics says a bounce rate of less than 30% is good, but with 60% or higher, you have a problem.

How to reduce you bounce rate and make Google analytics happy

bounce rate in websites

Without Diving into much detail, i will just give you two tips to Reduce the bounce rate on your website.

Forget the boring advice that most SEO’s give you, Reduce pop up ads ( who uses them),  Speed (loading) of your website , lessen distractions from website, Create links to open in new browser , Create quality content . You already knew all off this or already implemented most of this on your website , so here are just the easy steps to reduce your bounce rate

By using this method  you can get viewers  to stay on your website  at least another 5 to 10 mins  rather than 5 to 10 seconds

1. Insert relevant YouTube videos related to your article  in your post ( i betcha ,even Google will like this idea). Your blog viewers will  take some time to watch  the video if its relevant  and spend more time on your blog

2. Insert relevant related  info graphics to your article. People spend a lot of time creating nice infographics filled with information for you to share  on your blog for free, use it to your advantage  and if its a good info graphic they will be hooked reading it for ages

Ill admit i didn't get this idea myself but noticed this blog  that did it , but i think it could be certainly be implemented much better than that blog

Good luck and don't forget to thank me

Here is my video Winking smile


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