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Continuing from my last post on affiliate linking and  options to be used for  affiliate linking in blog or website to market  products and affiliate urls , here is a video that will take you through this process by using the prettylinkpro plugin to use for your affiliate urls.
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Making Long affiliate urls short

The video  by noble samurai will also give  you a basic idea of linking for affiliate urls so that you can use this method with other plugins of your choice.

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Today i also recived a email from one of my affiliate providers on a alternative solution for linking with short urls . READ below

Using URL shortners for affiliate products

Its difficult in knowing how best to monetise their links without seeming spammy

One way to do this is to still be able to place links in your websites or facebook  twitter status updates (without the usual network tracking links) by using a URL Shortening service such as TinyURL. This is a simple way for many affiliates to quickly and easily present a more visually friendly URL and also increase conversions.
Paste your affiliate link into the specified area.
Tiny URL will then create a "tiny" link for you to use which when clicked will redirect through your affiliate link and onto the merchant site.
For example, we shortened the AMAZING PRODUCT (http://amazing this product/) to
Much easier to read and also "cloaks" the URL you want to send visitors. The optional feature is to also add a Custom Alias. We entered in "Amazingproduct" so now the link looks like this:
The alias is a great method for shortening the URL but also making the URL relevant so your users aren't afraid to click the link for fear of not knowing where it's sending them.

Check out more videos here


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