5 tips to push your SEO and rankings further


The below 5 SEO tips has helped me not only increase my traffic , but also  gain rankings  with my one website Pr 3 within a year and substantial  organic seo traffic gained. I know the tip “quality content”  has been  repeated into oblivion . but i had to put it there ,  as that's the way Google rolls at the moment

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  1. RSS FEEDS are still important. Set up your RSS feeds so that content scrapers will automatically build backlinks for you and you can sit back and relax or build more.
  2. QUALITY CONTENT- Its the new buzz word, Focus on adding more quality content to your site. After the Google Panda update, the importance of quality content for high search rankings has only been in more focus and relevant. You want to be adding fresh content to your site(s) every single week if not day. If you slack, just outsource.
  3. Internal linking is back in focus - Beef up your internal linking by adding multiple links to other relevant pages on your site, from each new page/post you create and don't be shy on  using targeted anchor text for your internal links ( Add at least 2 outgoing links per page)
  4. Image tags  are back in fashion with the new Google  image search being modified ( you don't want to miss the potential of this) Ensure that you use relevant ALT tags for every image on your site.
  5. Share the Sneaky Love – Make use of peoples ability to read ( hellyeah).Use document sharing sites for increased traffic, greater social presence, and useful backlinks while doing  yourself an your docs readers a favor at the same time.( eg  Scribd.com Docstoc.com Slideshare.net Calameo.com  )

Follow the above 5 SEO tips and watch your rankings (and profits) increase greatly!


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