Get your website looked at in a SEO browser

What you write  and put in your blog can be very different from what google or yahoo or bing sees on your website for seo purposes  and so its always  good to know  how these search engines are seeing your site from a SEO perspective.

Here are some FREE tools below for optimising your SEO through browser


BROWSEO was developed by ilscipio, an agency based in Wiesbaden & Heuchelheim, Germany with a focus on eCommerce and SEO. They also now have an Browseo app you can download on your android phone.

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Browseo shows clients what their web pages look like to search engines.

You can highlight three link-types; internal, external and no-followed


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While you there  you might also want o check out their nifty multiplier tool

SEOmoz thinks this is a good tool

Rand Fishkin"Browseo fills a crucial need; seeing the web like an engine. Thanks to Jonathan and the team for making it easy."Rand Fishkin

Googlebot simulator

Simulate how google sees your pages -

Another tool called SEO browser.

Fetch as Google

This option is if you solely want  to see how goole sees you.The Fetch as Google tool lets you see a page as Google sees it. This is particularly useful if you're troubleshooting a page's poor performance in search results. In order to use Fetch as Google, you'll need to have added and verified your site in Webmaster Tools. If Googlebot can successfully fetch your page, you can submit that page to the Google index. Just click Submit to Google index. You can submit either the URL itself (limit of 500 URLs per week per Webmaster Tools account)

Here's the Google help about it::

Fetch as Googlebot

These free tools will be added soon to our SEE tools page  Check our page out for more useful tools


Google bot last visit -


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