Building links are more powerful with citations

Now in the new search engine world  with the dawn of 2013-  local citations have become one of the most important factors of the optimization process

Local small businesses  and SEO  DIY  people should focus a lot of their online marketing efforts on creating as many citations as they can.

SO what are citations  ?

According to  the google search engine  dictionary

Citations are

new years  eve 2012 2013not indian actress


  1. A quotation from or reference to a book, paper, or author, esp. in a scholarly work.
  2. A mention of a praiseworthy act or achievement in an official report, esp. that of a member of the armed forces in wartime.

But  to break it down in E – marketing and link building language  its links from local business and directories  and reputed local sites and listing sites

Here are a few ways to get started on your #localseo  citation campaign:

1. Press Releases
2. Email Signatures
3. Company Blog Posts
4. Guest Blog Posts
5. Article Marketing (the non-spammy way)
6. RSS Feeds
7. Forum Signatures
8. Community Sponsorship
9. Banner Ads
10. PPC Ads

Get these citations from reputed sites  and you are on roll towards good ranking  and link building in 2013


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