How to find out if google panda or penguin took a bite off your pie ?

The Aftershock of the Google Panda Updates in 2012  - 2013  have reeled in  many websites.

Over the past two years, Google has stepped up its efforts to battle link spam, affiliate sites, and poor quality content with significant updates known collectively as Panda and Penguin( unfortunately  some genuine sites also have been affected)

Pundits and SEO experts  believe future rankings will evolve to focus more on the user experience: perceived user value, social signals at page and domain level, usage data (CTR, bounces), and content readability/usability.

What Are Google Panda & Penguin?

The first source of confusion when talking to people about these major algorithm changes is the distinction between Google Panda and Google Penguin

Google Panda is the algorithm changes focused on weeding out websites with low-quality content in search results with examples of affected sites are  article networks that hosted lots of ads next to poor article content.

Google Penguin is the algorithm changes focused on weeding out websites who have implemented techniques against Google Webmaster Guidelines to boost their ranking in google search, whihc also includes examples like, over-optimized  website both on-site and off-site SEO. Keyword stuffing, link buying, overuse of keyword-based anchor text, and having an “unnatural” link profile.

If you are not too sure what the Google Panda Algorithm is,   here’s a fantastic infographic  showing the difference between Google Panda and Google Penguin below

The difference between Google Panda & Penguin Infographic

if you are looking to  find out if you are affected by panda  then this post here is definitely a good read  to  find out if you got affected by the dreaded panda


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