Outbound Linking tips to increase Google Page rank

Dont know  if “Google page rank” will be there forever it can and it cant  its upto Google really , but while its there its  a good way of measuring a websites worth atleast in some definite terms.
Question is
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Does outbound links affect your page rank

According to Sean from Seohacker it does as excessive outbound links can dilute your google juice and affect your rankings. The pic below is chart of what Google could be possibly looking at your website in realtion to links and popularity
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He says
Don’t give out linkjuice if you don’t have to. Give to those who deserve it. Otherwise, keep some for yourself. A site with a lot of outbound links can look like it’s a link farm.

How to get page rank 5 with Linking limiting !

The article says that  page rank is a mix of different factors like content  and design and PageRank score does not only deal with quantitative factors but qualitative ones as well.
Once you get all these another factors right , one of the main other factor is back linking and outbound linking  and if you control these two important factors  you will be on your way  to getting a “page rank 5” or higher from google . You can read more from sean of seohacker  on getting more page rank over here


  1. “…page rank is a mix of different factors like content and design…” That is right! Pagerank is not only measured by the outbound or inbound links you have. It affects all factors you have in your website, such as the quality of the content, layout or design, and the ads. Although outbound links are one of the biggest factors that can make a website reach the top, you must still work on the other factors if you want to keep a high rank. Do not forget to continuously update your website, because this also contributes to your ranking on Google. #Nathanial Heim

  2. The right placement of links is one of the SEO optimization process that you have to consider if you want your website to rank higher. Links are very essential, particularly if they are relevant to the content.

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  5. Linking out to well-respected authority sites will not only increase the relevancy of your content and time readers spend on your site, but it is also believed to send trust signals to Google and improve SEO ranking.

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    Be sure you have a unique, keyword focused Title tag on every page of your site. And, if you MUST have the name of your company in it, put it at the end. Unless you are a household name, your business name will probably get few searches.

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